Personal data management

Your personal data

All information collected is and will remain confidential. It will never be used in any other framework than that for activities related to our website. It will never be sent or sold to any person whomsoever, including to any potential future partners.

We respect and ask our employees to respect the provisions of the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Act of 6th January 1978, the provisions set forth under articles L 335-2 et seq of the Intellectual Property Code, the decree of 30th October 2015 pertaining to mediation of consumer disputes, Article 16 of European Regulation no. 2913/92 of the Council of 12th October 1992, Article L. 218-2 of the Consumer Code, Article L. 123-22 and Article L. 110-4 of the Commercial Code, Article L.102 B of the book of tax procedures and the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), effective as at 25th May 2018, resulting from (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27th April 2016.

You therefore have a right to retract and delete your data upon simple request using our contact form, aside for in the framework of provisions set forth by law, indicated hereinabove and without this being exhaustive, and more specifically in relation to your invoices.

We collect data intended to guarantee the proper operation of our website and therefore the best possible user experience.

We use your data to respect orders, to be informed of any problems pertaining to your purchase, advise you prior to sales and offer after sales service and online assistance.

We use your data to improve our pages, your search requests and clicks in search engines for referencing.

You provide some of this data at the time of enrolment on our website, when you send a search request on search engines, such as Google or Bing for instance, and when you arrive on our website, or when you contact our company by direct mail or using our contact form or on your client account.

We obtain some data and store this so as to interact with our website, for instance by using technologies such as cookies and by receiving error logs or website data usage.

We also collect data received from third parties, but who may send us your consultation information on our website using your IP address allocated by internet service providers. These searches are undertaken in the framework of resolution of technical and security flaws so as to define the origins of causes and to assist us in resolution, thereby improving our services. This data is anonymous to us, and is under no circumstances nominative, and we have no way of collating this data with your identity, unless you already have a client account and we connect this to the same IP address.

Our IT management and server administration company, which has access to data, respects the terms of legislation and is informed of its legal obligations towards you inter alia. This company is: Valtari, NumAgency - - Tél : +33 660 246 549 - Mail :

You are able to choose the data we collect. When invited to provide personal data, you are entitled to refuse. For instance, you have the option of whether or not to subscribe to our newsletter or our third party partners at time of enrolling on our website.

But if you should decide not to provide the necessary data to provide information or offer a functionality, you may not be able to use the website or function in question.

Data we collect at the time of enrolment is all explicitly legible on our enrolment form. For all other data and for the purposes of traffic management, you are informed thereof by this document.

Your data is used for the purposes of publicity so as to best offer our products following requests made on search engines; once more, responses will be made in the framework of your questions and are only pertinent for your written or verbal semantic searches. They are not linked to your identity, but the expression of your searches and are therefore made entirely anonymous by us.

All data collected on our website is encrypted.

Name and contact information

We collect your forename and family name, email address, postal address, telephone number and other similar contact data.

Login details

We collect your password when using our website. Where necessary we may reset this to change it so as to respond to an access request you may make or to resolve any purchasing or after sales service request.

Demographical data

We only collect your data such as age, sex, country and preferred language.

Payment details

We do not collect data required to process your payment, either in your account, nor at the time of making payment insofar as you directly make payment to the hotel.

Device and usage data

We collect data about your device and the manner in which you and your device interact with our website, using Google services.

We collect:

Data about use of our website

We collect data concerning functions you use, elements you purchase and web pages you visit. This data includes search requests or vocal and text orders which you make, via interactions with your search, on our website.

Device data, connectivity and configuration

We collect data about your device, as well as the network you use to connect to our website. This includes data pertaining to operating systems, IP addresses, the type of device and regional and language settings.

This is all anonymous, unless you have a nominative account on our website.

Resolution of problems, after sales service and mediation

When you contact us to receive assistance so as to resolve a problem, or in the framework of a commercial request, we collect and store our exchanges for traceability so as to best serve you and to be able to optimise our client relations.

Hobbies and favourites

We do not collect any data about your hobbies and favourites.

Contacts and relations

We do not collect any data about your contacts and relations.

Location data

We do not collect any temporary or definitive location data, aside for your billing address and any delivery addresses, which you have sent us at the time of making a purchase.

Written and visual content

We collect and archive our exchanges for traceability purposes so as to best serve you and to be able to optimise our client relations.

Sound content

We neither collect nor store any sound data.


We neither collect nor store any sound data.

Comments and opinions

We neither collect nor store any sound data.

Data storage

Your data is stored depending on the type of information for different durations and for different reasons.

These terms of storage are a legal obligation in the commercial, fiscal and banking legislative domain.

Cookies are stored for a legal term of 13 months at most, but we have opted for storage of 60 days.

Information concerning your account and order billing is stored for 10 years for accounting and legal information from the end of the financial year.

Payment information is not collected on our website, but is stored with our bank and yours for a legal term of 5 years.

Emailing or Newsletter concerning special offers, promotions and unsubscription

With your consent, we may send you information concerning our news, special offers for hosting or other services by letter or email.

We do, however, have the intention of only sending you information by letter and email which you wish to receive.

When you subscribe or unsubscribe from receiving promotional supports, and you provide us with your email address in a voluntary and specific manner to receive marketing information, we periodically contact you by email and will send you information about special offers and promotions which may be of interest to you.

We generally use third party messaging service providers to send emails. These service providers are prohibited from using your email address for any purpose whatsoever aside for sending emails pertaining to our website operations. Data will not be shared with third parties for their marketing purposes.

We give you the possibility of ubsubscribing from all marketing communications. Each time you receive an email, you will have the choice of ubsubscribing from emails in future by following instructions provided in the email.

You can consequently download information which we hold about you and you may also delete this from the unsubscription page.

When sending emails, tracking is undertaken which allows us to follow the link which you click, the browser you use and whether or not you have opened the email.

Protecting of privacy of children

This website is not intended for children or minors and we neither request nor collect any Data concerning children and minors. As parent or legal guardian, do not allow your children to send Data without your permission.

Notifications of breaches

In the unlikely instance of a breach of data, we will apply all legislation or regulations in force. You are hereby informed that we are under the obligation of notifying you of any accidental or unauthorised disclosure of confidential information which is our responsibility.

Information concerning cookies and similar technologies

Tracers (cookies and similar technologies) require consent and cannot therefore be deposited or read on the user workstation insofar as the person has not granted his or her consent.

Refusal to install a cookie may lead to the impossibility to access certain services. We therefore invite you to accept this process by accepting their use.

We hereby inform you that browsing on our website is likely to lead to installation of cookies on your computer, tablet or smartphone or any other machine used to consult our website. We therefore request your explicit consent.

A cookie is a small file, which does not allow users to be identified (unless an account is created and in the limit of the purpose of their conception) but which stores information pertaining to browsing on a computer on a website.

As a rule, the text of a cookie is a chain of figures and letters which identify your computer in a unique manner.

Data obtained is intended to facilitate subsequent browsing on the website, and is also intended to allow for various frequentation measures. The lifetime of cookies is configured on our website at 90 days, asking you once more, in the event of not visiting the website during this term, for your consent.

By accepting or refusing the use of cookies on our website, this does not concern other websites. You can set up your browser in general, by visiting the preferences and settings of your browser.

We use cookies or similar technologies for a variety of purposes:

Memorise your Preferences and Settings

Settings allow our website to operate correctly to store your preferences over time which may be stored on your device. For instance, we store settings such as the language, browser and multimedia settings so as it not be necessary to reinitialise these each time you return to the website.

Connection and authentication

When you log in to our website using your account, we store a unique identification number and the time when you log in, in a cookie which is encrypted on your device. This cookie allows you to consult the pages on the website without needing to log in on each page. You can also store your log in information so as not to have to log in each time you return to the website.


We use cookies to detect fraud and misuse of our website and services.

Storage of information provided to a website

When you provide information at the time of making a reservation on our website or making payment for goods and services, we store data in a cookie so as to memorise the products and information you have added.

Social networks

We do not interact with your social networks, aside for knowing the type of social network which may have led you to our website, without knowing the originating page.


We use cookies to allow you to make comments on our website.

Publicity based on hobbies

We do not publish and adverts on our third party websites and do not use cookies or similar technologies for publicity purposes such as remarketing, which advertise our products aside for browsing on our own websites.


We use cookies to reconcile usage data and performances of our website. For instance, we use cookies to count the number of unique visitors on a page or online service and to develop other statistics concerning the operation of our website. This includes cookies from our website and from third party analysis suppliers.

Performance analysis

We do not use cookies to balance the charge so as websites always remain operational.

Type of cookie

Some cookies we commonly use are listed hereunder. This list is not exhaustive, but it is intended to illustrate the primary reasons for which we install cookies. The website may install some or all of the following cookies:

MUID, MC1 and MSFPC - Allows for unique identification of web browsers visiting our website. These cookies are used for publicity, website analysis and other operational purposes.

CC - Contains a country code on the basis of your IP address.

PPAuth, MSPAuth, MSNRPSAuth, KievRPSAuth- Helps to authenticate you when logging in from your Microsoft account.

NAP- Contains an encrypted version of your country, postcode, age, language from your client account.

MR - Used to collect information for analytical purposes.

In addition to the cookies that we may be led to install when you visit our websites, third parties may also install cookies when you consult our website. In some cases, this is due to the fact that we have recruited third parties to offer services on our behalf, such as site analysis. In other cases, this comes from the fact that our web pages offer content from third parties, such as videos. Given that your browser connects to web services of these third parties to collect this content, these third parties are able to define or read their own cookies on your device and may collect information concerning your online activities on websites or online services.

Deactivation of cookies

You can deactivate cookies or delete them from your browser. Each browser has settings for your cookie preferences.

Here are some help links proposed by the publishers of major web browsers.

Chrome :

Edge, IE :

Firefox :

Opéra :

Safari :

Use of web markers and analysis services

Web pages on our website may contain electronic images known as web markers (also called spy pixels or scripts) which we use to install cookies and count the number of users consulting our website. We also include web markers in our promotional emails or newsletters so as to determine whether or not you open them and make use of their content, but also so as you can unsubscribe and request deletion of your information.

In addition to installing web markers on our website, we sometimes work with other companies to install our web markers on their websites or in their adverts. This helps us to establish statistics to know the frequency of clicks on an advert on our website leading to a sale or any other action on the advertiser website.

Finally, our website contains web markers or similar technologies coming from third party analysis suppliers, which helps us to establish overall statistics as to the efficiency of promotional campaigns or other operations. These technologies allow analysis service providers to install their own cookies or other identifiers on your device, thanks to which they can collect information as to your online activities in applications, websites or other products.

This data is anonymous, and under no circumstances nominative, and we have no means of reconciling you with this data, since we do not send our nominative files.

You can refuse the collection or use of data by some of these analytical service providers by clicking the following links:

Google (requires installation of a browser add-on)


Internal representation

We have a data protection office, also referred to as a DPO, and a declaration has been made to the competent body at the French National Data Protection Authority (CNIL).

This appointments bears reference DPO-23772 and is effective as at 16/09/2018.

You can contact Madame Véronique VAN OORT, by emailing .

We hereby notify you of the existence of the European authority, called upon to rule on binding decisions concerning disputes about cross-border processing activities, thereby guaranteeing harmonious application of EU rules and avoiding different responses to the same case across several jurisdictions:

Thank you for your confidence.